Many people go without the help they want and need.

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Over the years, there's been a lot of discussion and debate about funding for psychotherapy. Currently, psychologists in Canada are not covered by government-funded health care plans.

While some extended health care plans do provide coverage, it's usually limited. Also, many people do not have access to those sorts of plans. This leaves a lot of people paying out of pocket. For many, it's worth it as their quality of life after treatment will be much, much better.

A recent study, described in the link, shows that in BC, way too many people struggling with depression go without the care that they want and need (both medication and psychotherapy).

Some quotes from the CBC:

"The study's authors found that, of all British Columbians diagnosed with depression, only 53 per cent received the minimum baseline of treatment."
"They found that only 47 per cent of those prescribed antidepressants received them for 12 weeks, and only 13 per cent received four therapy sessions.
Puyat said the actual number of depressed people receiving inadequate care is likely much higher than the study found, since the study only considered patients who sought treatment, and many people do not."

You can read the rest of the article here: link.