Therapy for Anxiety, Depression, and Other Problems

People suffering from anxiety, mood disorders, and other psychological problems often have tried desperately on their own to feel better, but the strategies that they've used typically do not work, especially over the long term. The accompanying sense of hopelessness, failure, and disappointment often make things even worse. You likely know this overwhelming feeling.

Psychotherapy can provide tools and skills that are effective in creating long-term positive change. Through change comes an increased sense of control, which allows people to thrive rather than suffer.

The problems that I treat:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • obsessions and/or compulsions (OCD)
  • stress
  • anger
  • mood swings and emotional volatility
  • psychosis
  • behavioural problems


What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is talk-based treatment for psychological difficulties and disorders. There are many different types. I am a clinical psychologist who practices cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, and acceptance and commitment therapy. They are the best scientifically-supported types of psychotherapy available.

One of the most important elements of successful therapy is the relationship between the therapist and client. A therapist must provide a safe, supportive, and trusting environment for clients to gain insight, address their problems, learn new skills, and ultimately create better lives for themselves. This is the environment that I promise to you.