Sex advice from a 90-year-old guru.

Inspiring. A very worthy read. From the New York Times:

90-Year-Old Sex Columnist Shatters Taboos in India By Ellen Barry

MUMBAI, India — EVERY morning, a 90-year-old newspaper columnist named Mahinder Watsa takes a seat in the study of his apartment, where, on a good day, a breeze lofts in from the direction of the Arabian Sea.

Before him is a fresh delivery of anonymous correspondencefrom all overIndia, some of it handwritten and dropped into a village mailbox, some typed and sent by email. Inside is a crescendo of sexual anxiety.

“My friend saw me while bathing. According to him, the size of my penis is not more than that of a cashew nut. What should I do to increase the size?” “If a man and a woman masturbate at the same time, thinking about sex, can it lead to pregnancy?” “Also, I was wondering whether there is any possibility of a guy getting pregnant if he has anal sex with another man?”

Dr. Watsa does not laugh when he reads these letters, nor does he weep; he has been at this too long. He admits to being irritated from time to time, and this is sometimes evident in his responses, which manage to be both grandfatherly and withering. To wit:

“Take a foot rule and measure from the pubic bone to the tip of your organ. If it’s longer than two and a half inches, it is enough to satisfy a partner.” “There are no angels to carry your sperms to the person you are dreaming about.” “Mr. Ignoramus, for the rest of your query, visit Google and educate yourself on the basics.”

In a culture that is both obsessed and bewildered by sex, Dr. Watsa has carved out an essential spot for himself as a crotchety, unshockable truth-teller. As the Ask the Sexpert columnist in The Mumbai Mirror, he has — gently, gently — pushed the limits in Indian popular culture, among other things by introducing the words penis and vagina instead of the squeamish euphemisms that are commonly taught to children.

Over the nine years he has been writing the daily column, by his editor’s estimate, he has received upward of 40,000 letters seeking advice onsexual problems, the vast majority seeking basic information. Answering them, he steps into a vacuum in a country where, according to a government study conducted several years ago, only about a fifth of young men and women reported receiving any type of sex education.

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Dildo Maker by Francesco Morackini.

Francesco Morackini is an industrial designer. Among his many projects is the Dildo Maker. It works much like an old-school pencil sharpener. An object that can be carved is inserted into the device. You then crank the arm shaving the object's tip until it comes out looking like a phallus.

From his website:

Invented in 1933 by the famous french designer Raymond Loewy, this pencil sharpner became an icon of the stream line mouvement. Loewy was one of the first designer to introduce sensual lines in everyday products. From a world of craftmanship and functionality we entered in a world of desire and seduction.

In this new era designers were assign a new mission. A good product is not only an object build with quality, an efficient product, a product with a good price or nor even beautiful looking . A good product has to create emotions. Marketing, advertising ...and the design itself has to communicate emotions to the customers in order to buy this product and bring him the best user experience.

In 2013 Francesco Morackini introduces the Dildomaker, from the “tools” serie. Playing around with the cliche: “Sex sales” The Dildomaker’s purpose is to provide the users what they really want: “Pleasure” and moreover “sexual pleasure”. The Dildomaker is just a tool which doesn’t give pleasure directely. The distance created here on purpose, tries to raise questions on our relationship between us and manufactured products.

See the rest his work here.

Marvel comic book superhero marries boyfriend.

This is somewhat old news (from a few weeks ago) but worth posting.

From The Mary Sue:

Marvel Comics has decided to take their characters in a new direction, one that hasn’t been explored in their pages before. Today, the publisher announced that their character Northstar would be proposing to his long-time boyfriend Kyle in the pages of Astonishing X-Men #50. And ABC’s The View had the exclusive.

Behar’s lame attempt at a joke aside, I wish the ladies had gotten more time to talk about this momentous move. Northstar, aka Jean-Paul Beaubier, was the first Marvel character to be revealed as gay but not the first in comics altogether. The first is most often credited to Extrano from DC Comics back in the 80s. Coincidentally enough, DC is planning to reveal one of their previously existing male, iconic characters as gay in a story this June. You may also remember Archie Comics getting the jump on this particular issue with the marriage of their gay character Kevin Keller to his significant other last year.

In a press release Axel Alonso, Marvel Editor in Chief, said, “The Marvel Universe has always reflected the world outside your window, so we strive to make sure our characters, relationships and stories are grounded in that reality. We’ve been working on this story for over a year to ensure Northstar and Kyle’s wedding reflects Marvel’s ‘world outside your window’ tradition.”

Read the rest here: link.


Last week I posted about Tumblr users who collect and post porn on their Tumblr pages. This is, apparently, the next new thing (NSFW, and for academic purposes only!).

From MSN:

Snatchly is the Pinterest of porn

Pinterest is aimed mostly at women. You "pin" items to another user's pinboard, thus creating a community based on sharing pictures of your wedding and videos of your dog. It's become so ubiquitous, even Michelle Obama has an account. Snatchly (totally NSFW and not pictured, so search on your own), on the other hand, is like most of the rest of the Internet, a place where men swap and share porn. On Snatchly, you "snatch" (get it?) content (porn) and post it to your page. It's a site where you can "personalize your porn," and hey, it conveniently links to all the best smut-related video sites. Snatch away.

Louis Theroux: A Place for Pedophiles.

Passed long by Katy (thanks!). For those unfamiliar with Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends, it's a British TV documentary show that provides a glimpse into the lives of people that you'd not normally encounter. I previously posted a segment he did on bodybuilding.

In this episode, Louis and his crew spend some time in what's ostensibly a long-term prison for sex offenders. It's pretty candid, and it features several men, some of whom exhibit substantial denial and rationalization (which are extremely common in this population), and some who fully admit to their preferences and behaviours (and their consequences). Keep in mind that the show is intended as entertainment and doesn't portray an entirely accurate picture.

WARNING: this may act as a trigger for those who have been victims of sexual abuse.

Twighlight and BDSM.

From Megan (thanks!):

Maybe you have heard of it, but this BDSM erotica Twilight based fan fiction novel called Fifty Shades of Grey got picked up by a publishing company, topped the New York Times bestsellers list and has caused many a media stir. Here is one article about it: link.

I started reading it a bit out of curiosity, and if you can get past the atrocious grammar and writing, it might prove to be an interesting read for some. Or at the very least, a look into BDSM culture (which I will admit I know very little about). It's definitely NC-17 content....maybe I'm new to the whole dom-sub thing but if any guy treated me this way, I'd give him a good right hook to the nose!

You can purchase it here.