Last week I posted about Tumblr users who collect and post porn on their Tumblr pages. This is, apparently, the next new thing (NSFW, and for academic purposes only!).

From MSN:

Snatchly is the Pinterest of porn

Pinterest is aimed mostly at women. You "pin" items to another user's pinboard, thus creating a community based on sharing pictures of your wedding and videos of your dog. It's become so ubiquitous, even Michelle Obama has an account. Snatchly (totally NSFW and not pictured, so search on your own), on the other hand, is like most of the rest of the Internet, a place where men swap and share porn. On Snatchly, you "snatch" (get it?) content (porn) and post it to your page. It's a site where you can "personalize your porn," and hey, it conveniently links to all the best smut-related video sites. Snatch away.