The Dude offers some sage advice.

The film The Big Lebowski is full of all sorts of wisdom that is directly relevant to therapy. I was first made aware of this by my mentor Dr. Mahesh Menon, who would occasionally quote The Dude in CBT group therapy at the hospital. If you haven't seen the movie, I recommend that you do. It's not for everybody, but there are tidbits in it that might help make it easier to let distressing thoughts, memories, and feelings go. The Dude just rolls with the punches. Two of my favourites.

The first relates to self-judgment, and rumination about our perceived past failures. These don't have to rule our futures. 

The second relates to negative thoughts. Thoughts are much like opinions - we don't have to buy into them or believe them, especially when they're trying to tear us down.

The Dude abides.