"Wicked" intrusive thoughts.

It may come as a surprise to you that people experience hundreds of unintended thoughts, daily. Many of these thoughts are experienced as "intrusive," and up to 20% of them could be described as "bad" (i.e., immoral, evil, etc.). For most people, though, these types of thoughts come and go, and do not persist or negatively affect the individual. For others, however, especially those affected by anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders, these intrusive thoughts can become suffocating and overwhelming.

This piece identifies 5 main categories of "wicked" instrusive thoughts:

  1. Morbid, Creepy Thoughts
  2. Sexually Perverse Thoughts
  3. Prejudiced Thoughts
  4. Schadenfreude
  5. Violent, Murderous Thoughts´╗┐

From Psychology Today: Wicked Thoughts.