Pornhub's 2014 year in review.

Another post on data from Pornhub. At the end of the year, Pornhub publishes an annual review of searches and user information. The 2014 review is long so I've selected out some of the things I thought might be most interesting. But, there's piles more interesting data so go check it out here.

From Pornhub Insights:

2014 Year In Review
2014 was a huge year for us here at Pornhub HQ. We put our team of statisticians to work time and time again to deliver the data and bring you the most fascinating facts having to do with the world’s #1 porn site. Focusing largely on search trends and how user interactions react to major events around the world, we’ve covered everything from the traffic changes during the recent Scottish referendum to America’s obsession with anal sexand everything in between. Be it sportspoliticsclimate or demographicrelated, we found a way to relate it to porn trends and offer up some awesome insights. Today, we’re going to relive the magic one more time and take a long and hard look at how Pornhub’s user habits have evolved over the course of the past year, when compared to our 2013 review, as well as introduce some exclusive new and updated data. Let’s get started!
THE BARE BASICS Overall, Pornhub saw a whopping 78.9 billion video views through 2014, which considerably surpasses last year’s 63.2 billion. Specifically, this breaks down to 18.35 individual visits to the site over the course of the year, translating to about 5800 visits per second. However you look at it, that’s a lot of people getting busy on Pornhub!
WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? If Pornhub users all over the world are thirsty for one thing in particular, it’s teen-themed porn, as ‘teen’ was the most searched term in the world both this year and last. Coming in at number 2 with an impressive 7 place gain is ‘lesbian,’ with ‘MILF” taking a slight hit, falling into 3rd place and down from last year’s 2nd. Some interesting gainers here are the step-family themed searches, with ‘step mom’ climbing up 14 slots to land in at 4th place, and ‘step sister’ reaching up 53 spots to land in at this year’s 13th place. Group themed porn searches like ‘threesome’ and ‘gangbang’  also made some impressive leaps, having climbed 31 and 14 positions respectively. The world witnessed some interesting get-togethers on Pornhub this year!
A QUESTION OF GENDER AND SEX Our gender demographics collaborative with Buzzfeed was one of our favorite and arguably most interesting posts of the year. In What Women Want we took a look at how the porn viewing habits of men and women differ, according to our anonymized data, segmented by gender.
We’ve since collected some new, specified data which breaks down the Pornhub viewership proportions by gender in our top 20 countries. Topping off this list is Brazil, which has an impressive 29% female viewership base, a solid 6% above the 23% world average. Of particular note are the Philippines and Finland, both of which are home to populations featuring over a quarter of female Pornhub viewers. This is interestingly juxtaposed to the most recent Global Gender Gap Report compiled by the World Economic Forum, which reports Finland in 2nd place and the Philippines in 5th of all countries in the world as having most successfully closed the gender gaps. It looks like these countries are getting closer to sealing the same gap here too as far as porn is concerned!