Seinfeld: The Contest.

A repost relevant to this week's class. As promised, clips from the Seinfeld masturbation episode. You might be able to find the full episode online somewhere.

For those unfamiliar with the backstory, Larry David and his team (the primary writers for Seinfeld), pitched an episode on masturbation to the executives at NBC. Keep in mind that this was in the 90s. The execs liked the idea but were afraid the word masturbate wouldn't make it past the censors. So they gave Larry David and his team the green light, but only under the condition that they find euphemisms for the word masturbation. Not only did Larry David and his team rise to the challenge, it ended up being an award-winning script, and the episode is likely the most watched in the 21-year history of Seinfeld.

Here's the opening sequence: 

A Kramer highlight: 

And some fun facts about the episode: link.