Micropenis AMA.

For those of you not familiar with Reddit, it's a website featuring links and content from users. Once something is posted, other users can comment, and comments can be upvoted or downvoted. This means that the best comments move to the top of the thread and the worst comments disappear off the bottom (or are hidden). It's great, in that you don't end up with the trolling and ridiculousness that typically clogs up and ruins traditional internet forums. There are literally zillions of subreddits, or special-interest pages. One of those is /r/AMA. People start threads describing themselves and then do a Q&A. /r/AMA has become so popular that many celebrities and others to whom we look up to (e.g., Neil deGrasse Tyson) have participated. Some consider it a necessary part of their branding and some just do it for fun. Probably the most famous AMA was with Obama.

There was AMA a while back from a guy with a micropenis. The questions and his responses provided an extremely intimate look into how his penis has affected his life, and how he's now come to terms with it. Here are some samples (click to make larger):

Check out the entire thread (with photos and video links)here.

A student last term submitted a link to a site with photos of micropenises. Check it out here.