Straight men prefer some muff.

From the Daily Mail Online:

When it comes to 'ladyscaping' the Brazilian and the Hollywood are old news as it is revealed that men prefer a more natural look
  • Just 12% admitted to liking the Hollywood where all hair is removed
  • Most popular was the 'Bermuda triangle' - a neat, trimmed style
  • Least liked was the 'G Wax' which leaves a small square of hair

For years women have been convinced that porn star style waxing and vajazzles are the quickest way to impress their other halves in bed, with nearly two thirds saying that their look down below is calculated to please their man.

But it appears that it's time to wave goodbye to painful waxing for good, after a new survey found that men actually prefer a natural look.

According to the poll, which canvassed 1,000 men, the most popular look is is 'trimmed and tidy' – a far cry from the Hollywood, which involves having all hair removed.

Nearly half (43 per cent) of those who took part in the survey, which was commissioned by waxing brand, Nads, said they preferred their women to look as natural as possible but with a 'Bermuda triangle' - trimmed hair and waxed edges leaving no bikini hair overspill.

17 per cent plumped for the Brazilian, a landing strip of pubic hair, while 15 per cent liked the heart shaped 'Heart Breaker'.

Just 12 per cent chose the full Hollywood, with most men saying they preferred their women to have some hair 'down there'.

The style that men hated the most was the 'G Wax' – a closely trimmed small square of hair that most felt looked a bit silly and a bit of a turn off.

Among the men who took part in the poll was Sidcup father of two, Mark Tailworth, who said: 'I’d hate my wife not to have some hair, I much prefer her to be well trimmed than sporting some ridiculous, unsexy design.'

Others, including 27-year-old Daniel Smith from Essex, said that they did enjoy seeing the odd Hollywood or vajazzle on their girlfriends.

'I like it interesting - like unwrapping a present and finding a surprise,' said Daniel. 'I do prefer some hair so a design like the landing strip or heart shape is good for me and no surprise, vajazzling is popular in our town.'

Nads CEO Sue Ismiel said: 'Pubic hair styles are fast becoming just as important as the hair on your head.

'Popular designs for women and it seems men are the landing strip, heart shape and triangle patch indicating some hair is sexier to sport than "the all-off". But make sure you know what you’re doing as once styling begins there is no turning back.'