New female empowerment action figures: IAmElemental.

From their Kickstarter page:

IAmElemental Action Figures for Girls

IAmElemental Action Figures for Girls were designed to accomplish three goals.


First, they are intended to be a positive and fierce re-interpretation of the traditional female action figure.

After scouring toy stores in search of action figures that are appropriate toys for young girls, we discovered that the typical female action figure on the market today is not actually designed for girls at all (or even boys). Instead, most are created for the adult male collector, decidedly more Hooters than Heroine.

We set out to design a series of figures with healthier breast, waist and hip ratios; fierce, strong females worthy of an active, save-the-world storyline that fosters creativity in kids.


Second, IAmElemental action figures encourage girls to reinvent the superhero myth by creating their own empowering stories. In the traditional, male-dominated superhero universe, action figures are endowed with powers from without (via a spider bite, mutant DNA, or some sort of "accident"). In the IAmElemental universe, the girl herself is the superhero - and she has all the superpowers she will ever need already inside of her.

We have converted the Periodic Table of Elements into "The Elements of Power," and we will unveil these powers, series by series, one after the other.

The first series, available first on Kickstarter, is the Courage Series.

The Elemental parts of COURAGE:

Using Joan of Arc as our Muse (because real heroes walk among us), each figure in the series is the personification of one of the Elemental Powers - and we are talking Superpowers.
Bravery, for example, is defined as not shrinking from challenge or difficulty, and her Superpower is the ability to create a protective force field around herself and others.
Magic and fantasy are critical elements of both imaginative play, and daily life. If you want the extraordinary to happen, you have to believe in the impossible.
We live in a world where product tie-ins are a de facto part of the average media marketing plan, and children are spoon-fed a perfectly-packaged storyline with the purchase of every action figure. Yet, we fervently believe that girls (and boys) are not only capable of creating their own stories, but that story creation is a vital part of their emotional development.
Why live vicariously through someone else? Why not be a real, live Superhero?
Third, we set out to create a toy that is super fun to play with and collect. We knew from the outset that if the figures weren't well-designed, nothing else would matter.
So, we spent months carefully considering every aspect of the process, working collaboratively with the amazing team at EleventyPlex, in order to ensure that we ended up with the best 4-inch articulated action figure possible.

Go check out the rest of the photos and a video here.

They were hoping to raise $35,000 and they ended up with almost $163,000. Clearly this idea is well-supported.