The amazing Jiz Lee.

Jiz Lee is central figure in a new generation of queer porn performers who are pushing all the boundaries, breaking down the stereotypes, and generally taking the industry by storm. Along with the people like Buck Angel, she's transforming porn from the inside out (or, at the very least, vastly expanding its horizons). Queer porn, more so than any of the other genres of porn, has promoted the feminist, sex-positive, ethical model of porn production. That's not to say it's vanilla - it can be as hardcore as hardcore gets.

From  an interview with The Scavenger:

What implications does this have for the predominantly heterosexual porn industry, with seemingly rigid gender binaries?

I hope that it will expand the industry's language and understanding; and perhaps allow for less rigid ‘rules’ of aesthetics and roles between male and female gender identities.

Some directors are very open and it is exciting as a performer familiar with indie/queer companies to work with people who ‘get it’. It feels incredible.


Contrary to the accusations that porn is exploitative of women, porn can be a space where you are able control your body and body images. How are you able to do this within the industry?

...As a performer, I have to create my own path and spaces, and be extremely conscious of how my image will be presented. I select who I work with based on whether I think they understand me and will not only let me express my sexuality freely, but also promote my image in a way that feels authentic to me.

I like doing work that I am proud of. In the years I have been performing, I’ve explored work with other companies and directors almost like a sexual relationship with the studios themselves. There is a relationship built through projects with the people behind them.

Most of them act like long-time lovers; though I’ve also had a few ‘one-night stands’ in some regards with projects that weren’t a good fit. That’s taught me a lot. I try not to dwell on the negative but to grow from it, so these encounters have and will continue to inform how I can best present myself.

Overall, I’m happy and satisfied in my career and the choices I’ve made and the successes I’ve experienced. My organic process of trusting my intuitions and being true to myself has led me to meet and perform with some of the most amazing people, and some of my dearest friends.

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And an interview with QueerPornTV: