From ViralNova:

Vadim Andreev is a 29 year-old makeup artist from St. Petersburg, Russia, who has been honing his skill since the age of 16. He has become so talented at his craft, he proves that almost any woman can be as beautiful as a model if she really wants to. All it takes is some well-applied makeup.

But it’s important to note that this kind of beauty is superficial. There’s nothing wrong with emphasizing our natural beauty, but some girls out there are depressed because they can’t achieve what the magazines say true beauty is. Here’s a wake-up call to show you what these women really look like.

Vadim’s goal is to prove to women that they don’t need harmful surgery in order to transform into beauties. With the right makeup and hair, any woman can look like a model. They just have to play to their strengths. Knowing a few makeup tips wouldn’t hurt, either.

Vadim is only 29, but he has been perfecting his skills as a makeup artist for 13 years. He has worked with Russian celebrities, but he also loves to help every day clients. He prepares women for events or weddings, showing them what beauty they all possess. He even passes on his knowledge with workshops and how-to videos. What he knows isn’t magic. Anyone can learn how to transform themselves into a stunning beauty. It might just take some practice.

Of course the real story here is that superficial beauty is just that – superficial. Any woman can have it, but it’s what’s on the inside that truly sets you apart.

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