The Girl: A life in the shadow of Roman Polanski

From the CBC:

In 1977, 13-year-old Samantha Geimer was sexually assaulted by movie director Roman Polanski. The case dominated the headlines. But mystery surrounded the circumstances of that day and the girl at the centre of it all. Now, more than 35 years later, Samantha Geimer breaks her silence in her new memoir, The Girl.

Roman Polanski is an artistic genius to some, a sad widower to others and a constant reminder of a terrible crime to a woman who believes he took advantage of a little girl's dream of fame.

Roman Polanski, the eighty-year old Academy Award winning filmmaker is acclaimed for his films -- but there is that conviction of unlawful sex with a minor from 1977.

Samantha Geimer was just 13 years old when she found herself at the centre of the turmoil. She's spent much of her life trying to avoid the media.

But three and half decades later Ms. Geimer decided she would come forward with her own account of the assault and its repercussion. Her book is titled The Girl: A life in the shadow of Roman Polanski.

Samantha Geimer was in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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