Science: The world's most attractive face?

From Design Taxi:

The World’s Scientifically Most Beautiful Woman?

By Anthea Quay

UK-based 18-year-old student Florence Colgate has the most naturally perfect face, according to British lifestyle and entertainment show ‘Lorraine’.

According to The Daily Mail, a woman’s face is said to be most attractive when the distance between her pupils is just under half of the distance between her ears. Colgate scored a 44% ratio.

The distance between a woman’s eyes and mouth should be just over one-third the measurement of her hairline to chin. Colgate scored a 32.8% ratio.

“Florence has all the classic signs of beauty,” Carmen Lefèvre, of The Perception Lab at the University of St Andrews’ School of Psychology, told The Daily Mail. “She has large eyes, high cheekbones, full lips and a fair complexion. Symmetry appears to be a very important cue to attractiveness.”

“Although we don’t realize it in everyday interactions, in most people’s faces the right and left half are actually quite different.”

The blue-eyed blonde—who’s currently studying ‘A’-levels at the Dover Grammar School, and works part-time at a seaside chip shop in Deal, Kent—has never had any plastic surgery or chemical enhancements, and normally wears only light foundation, mascara, concealer.

For the natural beauty contest ‘Lorraine: Naked’ (where no make-up or cosmetic enhancements of any kind were allowed), Colgate won a trip to a London model agency and will be featured on billboards and posters in beauty and health retailer Superdrug stores.

Colgate told The Daily Mail that she would love to have a career in modelling but “is currently studying business, geography and psychology, and intends to do business management at university.”

“Women should not have to feel that they have to wear makeup,” Colgate said. “I hope people will look at me and think they don’t need to. I’m very happy with the way I look and I would never have any plastic surgery or Botox.”

Can science define beauty, in your opinion?

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