Swept off their feet.

From the CBC:

'Sweeping girls off their feet' video sparks assault concerns

Many women describe falling in love as a feeling of being swept of their feet. A prankster duo, who specialize in invading personal space and awkward stunts, posted a video on YouTube of them literally sweeping girls off their feet.

The video, which takes place on an American college campus, has drawn much criticism in its short life online so far and has critics likening the prank to assault.

The video shows the two choosing their targets, walking up behind them and picking them up off the ground in their arms. The act is met with awkward laughter and looks of bewilderment.

But, some viewers are seeing a much deeper social problem arising.

A few of the girls are charmed by the act, but those who are not comfortable say things like, "What are you doing?" and "I think I'll break your back."

The comment section under the video on YouTube exploded with posts from viewers facing off over the apparent lack of respect or boundaries the two men exhibit.

"I am afraid for this world where men or women think it's ok to just grab people and even picking them up. That is so creepy and weird and no it's not all in good fun. Learn to respect boundaries,"  IIIShmeeIII.

"This is very disturbing to me as a woman and as a human being in general. Men are not just entitled to grab or touch a woman without her consent. This just perpetuates the culture of 'women's bodies exist for men to do what they please with them.' It's not ok and no real man would ever do this to a woman and expect her to feel flattered. Though your intentions may be good, the way you act on these intentions is completely wrong. You took away a woman's most sacred right towards males: CHOICE," said Jennifer Marcombe.

"This is what is known as assault. It is not okay," said Spiniflex88.

"Gave me some really bad vibes," said princessvideoklub.

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