Frosh week gone wrong redux: UBC.

From the CBC:

UBC investigates frosh students' pro-rape chant Chant condoned non-consensual sex with underage girls

The University of British Columbia has pledged an investigation after its students reportedly sang a chant advocating rape during frosh week.

The incident took place on a bus ride during the Sauder FROSH, a three-day orientation for the Sauder School of Business, organized by the Commerce Undergraduate Society (CUS).

The chant condones non-consensual sex with underage girls saying, "Y-O-U-N-G at UBC, we like 'em young, Y is for your sister, O is for oh so tight, U is for underage, N is for no consent, G is for go to jail."

Business student Vaibhab Verma was on the bus at the time and said he chose not to think about it.

"I listened to it and kind of ignored the chant, because for some people it was a bit vulgar," he said.

"If you don't feel like doing the chants, you can just ignore them and that's what I did."

Robert Helsley, dean of the Sauder School of Business, condemned the cheer.

"This is a deeply, deeply troubling event and one that we take very seriously...and we will take steps to ensure that nothing like this happens at UBC again," he told the CBC.

Helsley previously issued a joint statement with Louise Cowin, UBC vice-president for students, saying the chant is of grave concern to all members of the UBC community.

"Such behaviour would be completely inconsistent with the values of UBC and the Sauder School of Business and completely inconsistent with the instruction that the Commerce Undergraduate Society receives on appropriate conduct prior to FROSH," the statement said.

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