Another PSA: Bra fitting.

Thanks for submitting this Morgan!

My bras are size 28G. No, I am not a freak of nature and most people would probably not be able to pick me out of a lineup based on this information alone. Unfortunately, this is because many people (men and women alike) are not informed about what a properly fitting bra should feel and look like and what sizes are in the range of "normal." Many women (some say up to 80%) are not wearing the right size, which can cause so many issues including being uncomfortable (digging in, falling off the shoulders, bouncing too much), shoulder/back pain, "armpit fat," "back fat," and "quadraboob," all of which can be alleviated by wearing the correct size.

The first thing to note is that the letter is not representative of how large your breasts are. It simply is the difference between the size of your rib cage and your breasts. For me, a 46A would be bigger than I am and a 22GG would be smaller. So when you go to figure out your bra size and you say "THERE IS NO WAY I CAN BE A 30H," just remember that it's all relative and no, it does not make you a freak. It makes you well informed. In the diagram below, you can see that all of the rows represent the same volume of breast, otherwise known as the same breast size. But depending on your overall figure and measurements, the actual bra size you need to wear is different. Therefore, a 38B is equal to a 36C which is equal to a 34D which is equal to a 32DD, etc., but the 38B would be worn by someone who has a larger ribcage than someone wearing a 32DD.


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Some great recommendations for sizing, brands, and fitting can be found on the Thin and Curvy blog: link.

If you would like to get fitted, two places I would recommend are Change who have multiple locations in the lower mainland and if you're willing to travel to Langely, my favourite place is Forever Yours - they have amazing fitters and so many different styles and sizes. It is possible to find a good fitting bra at places like La Senza or Victoria's Secret, but they carry an extremely limited number of sizes that will only fit a minority of people well. Sadly, they also have a reputation of inexperienced or sales driven fitters.

Best of luck in your fitting quest and please comment with any questions you may have!