New app: Fundawear.

From iClarified:

Durex Unveils iPhone Controlled Vibrating Underwear

Durex has just unveiled his and hers iPhone controlled vibrating underwear dubbed Fundawear. The garments are currently being trialed in the company's Durexperiment lab.

Fundawear features a unique real-time server that communicates between both touchscreen devices and garments. The app, touch actuator technology and server were all designed to replicate the nuances of touch.

Fundawear is an innovation from Durex that allows touch to be transferred over the internet. So for the first time you can tease, tickle & tantalise even when you're apart.

Comfort, sexiness and flexibility were key challenges in designing Fundawear. Each garment houses sophisticated touch technology in a first for wearable electronics.

Take a look at a few introductory videos below.

It looks a little hokey, but it's great marketing campaign nonetheless.