Sperm bike

Photo: Courtesy of European Sperm Bank

From Treehugger:

The 'Sperm Bike' Carries Donor Samples to Fertility Clinics Around CopenhagenThe Custom-Made 'Sperm Bullitt': Making a Special Delivery...

Copenhagen is a paradise for cyclists and a city that the rest of the world couldlearn a lot from. One of the things that make biking so convenient there is the use of cargo bikes (I wish they were more popular in North-America). As you can see above and below, there are all kinds! This one is the 'Sperm Bullitt' and it belongs to the Nordisk Cryobank (European Sperm Bank).

The 'sperm bike' is used to carry donor samples to fertility clinics around Copenhagen in an environmentally-friendly way, and it also serves as an attention-grabbing advertisement for the sperm bank.

As you can see above, the samples are carried inside the head of the giant sperm. A cooler compartment was especially designed to carry and keep cool the sperm bank's metal canisters.

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