The Fifty Shades Generator.

Someone very clever has created the Fifty Shades Generator, mocking the horrible writing that characterizes the books. From the website:

The Fifty Shades Generator is a breakthrough in erotic fiction. At the click of a button, it generates world-class literature based on a pre-defined vocabulary.


Fledgling authors! Spice up your otherwise lacklustre novel with graphic sex scenes guaranteed to get your readers hot under the collar, and slightly sick in their mouths. If you end up winning a big literary award, we'll split the prize money 50/50, yeah? Wire transfer is fine.

When you visit and refresh the homepage (link), it produces an epic new paragraph. This is what I was provided when I visited the site:

I can't wait to chow down on the creamy load from his ocean's 11 inches. Hours of pounding like this would leave any girl's vertical smile looking like a rabid baboon's arse, and I was no different! It was bliss having his master of ceremonies stuffed inside me again; stuffing my tampon tunnel with a squash just didn't get my pink velvet sausage wallet squirting like it used to. The mixture of Mr. Hanky and cock snot in my shit winker created the delicious sphincter sauce that he was so fond of. With his ample cock slamming deep into my meat purse, the sensation of his chorizo howitzer smashing my cervix made me quake like Muhammad Ali on a tumble dryer.

Fans of the site have started submitting their readings of the generated text. Here is a compilation that was posted on the main page (NSFW!):