Man has baby.

From The Mail Online:

Britain's first 'male mother': Man born a woman is first in UK to give birth despite having sex change


* The man had hormone treatment to reactivate his womb * He is one of only five 'male mums' in the world * The baby is thought to have been delivered by cesarean section

A British man is believed to have given birth, causing an ethical controversy.

The ‘male mother’ started life as a woman but underwent a sex change. He is thought to have had the baby last year, while living as a man.

Medical experts said that if the womb is not removed in sex change surgery, there is nothing to stop a woman who becomes a man from having a child.

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The following photos are of another man, mentioned in the article, who also became pregnant. His name is Thomas Beatie. He decided to become pregnant after his wife had a hysterectomy.