Abortion protection laws on the chopping block.

Sent to me last week by Maggie to post on the blog (thanks!):

Mississippi might be the first US state to rule abortions ILLEGAL! The Personhood Amendment would make it a crime to abort any child as soon as the embryo begins to divide (or something to that degree) and even though the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of abortion, it is still so scary that there could be a precedent so close to Canada. Certain forms of birth control might also become illegal! Like certain pills or Morning After. This is also in complete disregard to rape and incest.

This an extremely scary prospect, and represents a trend that's sweeping conservative parts of the states. As noted in a previous post, Mitt Romney, who'll probably be the Republican nomination for next year's American election, supports this sort of legislation. The man pictured above is Les Riley, the sponsor of the bill.

The vote on the amendment will happen tomorrow. Keep posted for the results.

To read more about the amendment, and the sort of unintended nasty consequences it would have, read the following links: here, here and here.