Mitt Romney gets schooled by Rachel Maddow.

For those of you who don't follow American politics, the Republican party is in the process of selecting its candidate for the presidential election next year. The selection process (i.e., the debates) has been a bit of a gong show, mostly because the candidates are to say this without sounding like a jerk...rather eccentric. The Republican party is almost universally opposed to abortion - many would like to see a constitutional amendment declaring that life begins at conception, making any sort of interference after that point murder. Mitt Romney, the main contender as the Republican candidate, made himself look like an ignoramus this week when asked about this change to the constitution, and how it would affect women who take hormonal birth control. Rachel Maddow (who I have total crush on), of MSNBC, had this to say to him (and a lesson for the dudes - the lesson starts just after the 4:00 mark):