Spring break loving may explain increased teen pregnancies.


From the CBC:

Teen pregnancy peak may coincide with March break.

Parents may want to recap discussions of the birds and the bees with their high school students prior to March break in light of new study results on teen pregnancies.

Researchers who conducted the study in the Kingston, Ont., area say they have found the relative likelihood of conceiving in the month of March is higher for school-aged adolescents than adults. If March break is driving an upswing in teen pregnancies then perhaps just before the vacation would be a good time for a proactive burst of family planning information, a researcher says.

"This adolescent pregnancy peak may be explained by biological reasons such as variations in fertility over the course of a calendar year, but it's also possible that this increased conception rate in March is because of spring break," Dr. Mary Anne Jamieson, study co-author and an associate professor in the departments of obstetrics and gynecology and pediatrics, said in a statement.

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