Oh Canada!

From the Vancouver Sun:

Familial Americans, Dejected Britons and Open Canadians: A look at sex education

A recent survey of sex education in Canada, the United States and Britain conducted by Angus Reid Public Opinion provides a stimulating assessment of how the three countries fluctuate in what could, and should, be taught to teenagers in the information age.


Canada definitely emerges as the most open country when discussing sex. For Canadians, virtually no topic is off limits: homosexuality, bullying and abortion should all be part of the curriculum for more than four-in-five respondents. Two thirds are also willing to converse about pleasure—a decidedly higher proportion than the American counterparts.

Another difference for Canadians is their insistence in starting sex-ed at a younger age, with 57 per cent of respondents saying these courses should begin at age 11 or younger—compared to a low of 40 per cent of Americans. Canadians also show particular breadth, with the highest proportion of respondents who believe venereal diseases and sexual pleasure should both be discussed in the classroom.

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