Sassy sci-fi wear.

Clothes That Vanish When You're Horny by Inigo del Castillo

‘Intimacy 2.0’ is quite like that invisibility cloak you’ve always wanted. Except it’s the only one that disappears, leaving you in your birthday suit. Dutch designer, Daan Roosegaarde, created a clothing line that becomes transparent in response to your rising heartbeat. It’s made of leather and a futuristic fabric called, smart opaque e-foils, which switches from white to transparent in an instant. ‘Intimacy 2.0’ is best worn in the bedroom, where you can flaunt the invisible clothes all you want. Though if you want to exercise butt naked in the gym, be our guest. He’s already sold a few dresses, with other clients commissioning him for new ones.

When asked by VICE where who would buy this kid of clothing, Roosegaarde said, ‘We’re also designing a version of the dress for Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, who’s a complete fashion freak. She said, ‘I’ll wear it, but you should also make a version for men.’ That’s why we started the Intimacy suit for men—it’s a perfect fit for the banking world, [because] it becomes transparent when they lie!’

UPDATE: Recently, we got the opportunity to interview Daan Roosegaarde himself about ‘Intimacy 2.0′. Here’s a short look at our exclusive interview.

Why did you build a clothing line that disappears? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of wearing clothes?

Intimacy is about expressing the identity of the wearer through clothing he or she wears. This is a whole different interpretation of the definition of clothes. There is a strong connection between the revealing and hiding of the person when looking to the wearers emotions. Social interactions determine the garmentsʼ level of transparency, creating a sensual play of disclosure.

Aside from being used in the bedroom, where else do you envision ‘Intimacy’ being used?

A wearer of Intimacy is dared to explore boundaries in identity and intimacy. Therefore the bedroom would be the safest choice of decor and this is not the essence of Intimacy. As a high (tech) couture piece, Intimacy is design for rewarding events, such as red carpets and catwalks.