Updated reading list for midterm 2 and midterm info, March 6.

I've deviated substantially from the course outline, as there's been much more discussion this term than in past (which is great!). EDIT: Here's the updated list of topics and readings for the second midterm, as of the final class in this section:

Sexual Behaviour Chapter 6 Chapter 7: 203-205 Chapter 5: 142-145

Sexual Orientation Chapter 12

Attraction, Relationships and Love Chapter 5: 129-142 Chapter 7: 206-229 * We only made it through to slide 30 of the posted PowerPoints ('The Internet'). You do not need to know the rest of the slides for the purposes of the second midterm.

The midterm will be the same format as midterm 1. For more information, refer back to the midterm 1 info post here.

The midterm will run from 5:00-6:30. Class will start at 6:45.